Pellet Chimney

Pellet-fired boilers and stoves are basically designed like conventional liquid-fuel boilers. Fuel is fed from the tank into the chamber inside the combustion chamber, which acts as a burner. Then, ignition and combustion take place here. The flue gases released by fuel combustion are transmitted through several channels around the heat exchanger and the heat energy is transferred to the water inside the heat exchanger. The heated water is pumped into the heating system by means of a circulation pump. A fan is used to improve heat transfer and to ensure a sufficient supply of combustion air. The size of the combustion chamber and heat exchanger is important to ensure proper combustion and adequate heat transfer. In addition, the space where the boiler is placed is completely insulated to prevent heat loss. Stoves have a chimney outlet with a diameter of 8/10 cm. Chimney system with fan. It can be connected to the building chimney or it can be given to the external environment.

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