What is a Cascade Chimney System?

Today, in order to minimize natural gas costs, energy savings are made by ensuring the sequential operation of the burning devices with a common connection. In the cascade system, all boilers are connected to each other and operated with a single brain. In this system, the first boiler operates first and if the water temperature does not reach the desired level, the other boiler is automatically activated. The number of boilers is determined by the size of the system. The system does not use more natural gas than necessary. When heating is provided by conventional boiler systems, gas consumption is also high because it is not as detailed as a cascade. Chimney losses are also minimized thanks to very low flue gas temperatures compared to conventional systems. If there is a fault in the cascade system, the heating does not stop completely and the system continues to operate with the other appliances.

The chimney system that combines this economical connection with a stainless chimney collector to discharge the waste gases is called a cascade chimney. Chimneys are exposed to a lot of corrosive NOX compounds due to high condensation. For this, stainless chimneys should be made of 316 L material. Chimneys should be installed with a slope of at least 3 degrees to remove condensation inside. 

What Does a Cascade Boiler Do?

Cascade boilers condense the water vapor in the flue gas resulting from combustion and transfer the water and energy contained in the vapor to the heating system. In this way, more energy is obtained from the same amount of fuel. The cascade boiler is controlled by smart control panels. Control panels that monitor the instantaneous heating demand operate by calculating the outlet water temperature and boiler capacity in response to this demand. Control panels operate the boilers according to a certain sequence logic. It also calculates the heating load taking into account the outside temperature. This ensures efficient operation of the system from a single point.

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